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Welcome to the Worldwide Anti Chris Flaming community flame any chris anytime!

no Chris's allowed, let it all out Chris Haters

The worldwide Anti Chris Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Flame Chris community, a community here to discuss any Chris you know, either male or famale, that you just don't like or just want to have fun flaming him or her. There are no rules to this community so feel free to flame away. Oh yes, there's one rule.
  1. No chris's are allowed to joint his community, if you join, you will get banned :P.

Just kidding.

So if you've just broken up with a Chris, you're feelign especially jealous of a Chris, you just want to talk bad about a Chris, or you're just feeling like flaming some random guy either real or imaginary named Chris, this is your home. Mostly though, have fun, and jnjoy this community, it'll be very useful ro enjoyment and amazement some day I'm sure. If you have any questions about this community, feel free to read my journal djner and ask there. I'll try to help you out. Have fun.