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livening up this community I think :) Lol

Hi one and all, :)
I was taking a snoopy wander around the user info page of djner and had to click on this community as my curiosity sure got the better of me! :) heh what an amusing idea!
For I know several Chrisses' myself, all of whom I have problems with. .. OK .. let's see.
Chris1. I met him about 20 years ago (when i was five) and well .. I use to like him, then he liked me but I didn't like him .. then he got into drugs as a teen, then he lied to me about giving up cos he was sick of my lectures (even though I was only doing it for his own good because .. um .. i was trying to be a friend excuse me :) and yeah .. now he's kinda given up but a couple of months ago he and a couple of his friends were walking along the train tracks at night, and they climed up on to an overpass and chris fell off and he was lucky he didn't get killed. (he is blind btw but he'll never learn) so he broke his pelvis and arm and ribs (not that I didn't feel sympathy for him) but during his six, boring, off-his-feet stay then six weeks rehabilitation to learn how to walk again, he was said to have heard from myself and a few others of his mates "so you'll never be walking on the tracks again, would you" and ... he goes ... ... ... wait for it ... ... ... "I dunno" heh.
OK, and to perhaps top it all off .. he hasn't got the internet. Now as well as totally surprising me as I thought he'd be one of the first to get it .. he insists on being a committee member for YBCV yet sad but true, the majority of our committee's business/communications rely on a net connection.
He hasn't even got jaws and a working puter.
He also got sacked from a job that he got with RVIB doing what he loves best - working with wood and stuff, because he kept turning up later.
Man the guy does some crazy stuff, but I still am friends with him.
The guy will never learn, but I am trying!
OK .. on to Chris number 2 .. I met this guy at my primary school. In fact, he lived next door to us (when I was living at my parents house) i liked him and having gone through all the trouble of kissing a letter with lipstick (that someone had written for me on my behalf) and going over to put it on his verandah and running for our lives when their family car all of a sudden pulled up, he never wrote back to me. :( in fact I got in trouble from my mother.
Chris number 3 ... met him on line about five years ago, a year-or-two crazy, unknown obsession, fight, friends again, speaking no more, took him off my LJ friends list, he still hasn't taken me off his.
*sigh* what is it about Chrisses'?!

The quality of an expression

Guy Smiley (Chris, of course) comes into the shop today for a hair cut, once again. For some reason he feels welcome there.
Guy Smiley lives up to his nickname with annoying and rude comments about the frequency of our smiles. He feels we should be smiling nonstop, because frowning is why we have wars. In his estimation, we went to war with Iraq because they charge too much for oil and we couldn't just smile about it. Daft hippy.
It makes me think, as little as anything he says should make me think. How creepy would that be if we all walked around with grins 24/7? I would be frightened. Besides, what is the problem with expressing any other emotion? Life is not that simple. Happiness would not be happy if we hadn't the opportunity to experience sadness. Even that is not so simple. There is a whole spectrum of human emotion that he has decided is obsolete.
At least it leaves an idea for a certain someone and their favorite spiritual horror novelist: The ghosts that never break a smile.
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Ok, So I hated Chris for quite some time for giving me that killer cold which cost me 70 buck since I couldn't work. But I've been considering forgiving him for it. Any ideas?
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Fiona and me in the snow
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chris haters unite

I hate chris's, the chris I know gave me this cold I have right now. Why. At least I'm going to class and generally feel like doing something rather than him who just slept all weekend. Loser.

A well known story

I dated a very lazy Kris once. What was I thinking? He really considered himself ambitious, dropping out of college to wash dishes at a resturaunt.
One day I tried talking him into another career choice, slightly better, and did not require a college degree. He then uttered the quote which was soon to become my brother's favorite line: "Where else am I going to make this kind of money washing dishes?"
Enough said.

uh oh

chris number four almost pissed me off - thank the powers that be he was smart enough to back off. man chris's can't live with them can't feed them to the hungry starving people in the world or even use them as alternative energy sources.
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New Member

I'm the newest member, and one of the first, to the flame_chris community. I have great reason to hate the Chris's of the world. Here I will tell you more and maybe you will understand my chris problems.

Chris 1: Stole a very important research internship from me and quite a bit of money as well as a perfect publishing oportunity and then went nowhere with it.

Chris 2: Is too stupid to live and has no useful purpose but always tries to become part of the conversation he knows nothing about. He is also as dumb as a sack of bricks, my apologies to te bricks I mean no offense.

Chris 3: Is only taking 3 classes and has way to much time on his hands and needs to be as busy as I am.

Chris 4: Ok, I don't know why I'm not keen on Chris 4, I'm just not. He's just somehow strange and his name is Chris. That should be enough cause.

So, to all the Chris haters, dislikers and to even the people just vaguely bothered or upset by a person named Chris, remember that you are not alone. There are many other out there. Maybe my story will help you to overcome the Chris in your life. b
Fiona and me in the snow
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lazy chris's part 1 of infinity

As creator of this community I figured I shoudl post without holding back as I think all of us who have issues with our respective chris friends / arch enemies should do. The whole reason why I created this community was because I am *so* mad that I know a Chris who is taking 9 hours this semester. He says that there are extenuatign circumstances, but I think he's just damn lazy. Anyone else had experiences with a chris like this? I just think that all chris's are lazy, I think its a prerequisite to being a Chris. Ideas?
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